What Is Digital Forensics?

Digital Forensics - an Overview

Digital Forensics, also known as Digital Forensic Science or Computer Forensic Analysis involves examination / investigation / analyzation / recovery of computer-based forensic evidences across various digital devices. It is a part of the forensic science field. Digital Forensics Experts / Digital Forensic Science Experts / Computer Forensic Analysts are generally employed in computer related crimes investigation firms, law enforcement offices or in other government offices.

Different Types of Digital Forensics

Some are listed below:

  • Stochastic Forensics
  • Steganography
  • Network Forensics
  • Mobile Device Forensics
  • Live Analysis
  • Forensic Data Analysis
  • Data Recovery
  • Computer Forensics

What Do Digital Forensic Experts Do?

Few of their many duties are listed below, they:

  • Investigate and gather hidden / deleted data and other information from computers, servers, networks, disk drives, floppy disks, computer programs, pen drives, media devices, mobile phones, tabs, iPads, and more
  • Handover forensic evidences / information in a readable format to the concerned authorities
  • Keep accurate logs / sequence of duties executed
  • Follow all state / federal laws and limitations
  • Conduct digital / media / malware / vulnerability / intrusion / safety analysis

Forensic Computer Analyst Salary

According to Payscale, Forensic Computer Analysts’ median salary was $68,666 and their highest reported salary was $115,992.