Significance of Public Relations

Significance of Public Relations – in Short

Public relations campaigns aim for profit maximization and awareness of a company, product or service in a positive manner.

Public Relations Campaign - Advantages

Some of the many advantages of a Public Relations campaign are listed below:

  • Credibility
  • Generally, a message presented via a public relations campaign is perceived as news or information from a third party, therefore it is considered to be credible. It also goes beyond the mission of producing a valuable message; it aims to provide better understanding between an organization / government and its stakeholders / customers / general public.

  • Duration of Exposure
  • The message / press release is presented in an interesting format with valuable information. The message (using topics of public interest and news items), presented during a public relations campaign may spread from one press / media to the other or it might result in a follow-up interview, or other forms of publicity.

  • Cost
  • Usually, public relations campaigns are aimed to be less expensive than advertisements.

Public Relations – How Is It Done?

Generally, the development of a Public Relations campaign can be divided into:

  • Understanding
  • Understanding the vision and mission of an organization

  • Researching and Analyzing
  • Researching and analyzing further details, market trend, ideas, and more

  • Conceptualizing, Coordinating and Planning
  • After conceptualizing, coordinating and planning, a Public Relations Specialist needs to get a go-ahead from the management before starting the campaign

  • Strategies and Short Listing
  • Some of the press, media, social media, websites, etc., or all are selected. The message is presented in a strategic manner, usually, in the form of a press release or by press invitation.

  • Evaluating and Documenting
  • The end results are evaluated and documented / recorded for future campaigns.