Guidance for Aspiring Welding Technicians in TN

Financial Aid

Aspiring Welders looking for financial aid must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is used to decide eligibility for most type of federal, state, and local aid. Students must also contact their college’s financial aid office to find out that whether their FAFSA form has been acknowledged and to find out about other financial aids/scholarships/grants/waivers they may be eligible to get.

In addition to the above, the Tennessee Student Assistance Award Program (TSAA) also helps students to apply for other state financial aid. The financial aid sum awarded is dependent on the institution specified on the student’s FAFSA.

Aspiring welders may search in several helpful websites such as:


Types of Financial Aids for the Aspiring Welders and General Students

Listed below are some of the many student aids/grants/scholarships:

This is administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation. This website gives you all of the information you need about Tennessee student aid, as well as state-based scholarships and grants, for example the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) and the Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA). You can also get further information about the Tennessee Student Financial Aid Portal through College Pays. In this website aspiring students can find personalized information about their financial aid status for state-based funds, such as the Dual Enrollment Grant, the HOPE scholarship, and more.

Tennessee Promise
Tennessee Promise is a financial aid program, which offers eligible Tennessee high school graduates two years worth of tuition-free community or technical college fees. This program offers eligible students a last-dollar scholarship.

Tennessee Reconnect
Tennessee Reconnect is a governor’s scheme to aid adults to enter the higher education sector, so that they may gain the latest skills, so they may be able to advance in their respective fields, and fulfill their dreams of completing a degree or certificate. The adult students, who qualify for the Tennessee Reconnect grant, may attend the Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) free of tuition or mandatory fees.

Wilder-Naifeh Technical Skills Grant
The Wilder-Naifeh Technical Skills Grant offers approximately $2,000 if you are already pursuing a certificate or diploma at a Tennessee Technology Center. You must have resided in Tennessee for at least one year to apply.

Tennessee HOPE Access Grant
If you are a freshman and have a GPA of 2.75 and a score between 18 and 20 (ACT) or 860 and 970 (SAT), and your adjusted gross household income is not more than $36,000 a year, you may be eligible to continue your education with a HOPE Scholarship.

Tennessee HOPE Foster Child Tuition Grant
The Tennessee HOPE Foster Child Tuition Grant is comparable to the Tennessee HOPE Access Grant. You must have been a part of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services for at least a year after the age of 14, or be finalized for adoption or moved on a permanent guardianship.

Dual Enrollment Grant
The Dual Enrollment Grant supports eligible high school students who are taking courses at preset colleges while attending preset high schools. Students must be at least a high school junior and a state resident, not have received a high school degree, and meet all the applicable standards for getting federal financial aid. Home schooled students may also apply for this grant, and the grant brings $300 per course for a maximum of two courses.

You are advised to check the recent changes in the amount listed or the eligibility criteria stated above, as they are subjected to change from time to time.