Diesel Mechanics – Challenges Faced

Diesel Technician / Mechanic Job Duties

Some are listed below:

  • Talk to customers and try to identify problem areas or parts
  • Examine, maintain, fine-tune, repair, troubleshoot diesel engines
  • Lubricate braking systems and rebuild / attach new engines and various parts
  • Make sure that the brakes, gears and mechanical parts in automobiles work properly
  • Provide preventive maintenance / regular / inspections / checkups and advise customers to avoid future problems that could prove costly
  • Assist / coordinate with other technicians
  • Make sure the automobile they currently work on complies with the state and national regulations, meets safety and environmental factors, etc.
  • Adjust / test / checkup / fine-tune steering / suspensions / transmissions, etc.
  • Measure oil, temperature, gas used in the regulating components
  • Test drive automobiles
  • Neatly maintain their work area and store / clean their tools properly
  • Keep records using appropriate forms
  • Keep up with up-to-date repair techniques / tools / automobiles
  • Use protective safety glasses / hearing blocks / toe-boots / shields

Please Note:
Most Automotive Technicians including Diesel Service Technicians / Mechanics are subjected to random drugs / alcohol examinations. They need to complete annual training and pass the safety examinations / assessments.


Diesel Mechanics / Technicians may need to:

  • Do hard manual work which includes frequent stooping, bending, climbing, etc.
  • Lift and shift heavy weights
  • Work on random or late-night shifts
  • Work on open areas during peak summer / winter seasons

Plus they may:

  • Encounter accidents or injuries, as Diesel Service Technicians / Mechanics are frequently exposed to gas, heat, fire, etc.