Deep Facial Cleansing

Licensed and reputed cosmetologists/aestheticians usually take their time in talking to their customers, analyze their skin and then recommend the most suitable treatment for their customers. They may also discuss about the pros and cons of various treatments, follow-ups needed, etc. So it is important reach your beauty salon a little earlier, so that both your cosmetologist/aesthetician and you, will have enough time to talk to each other.

What is Deep Facial Cleansing?

Deep facial cleansing involves more thorough cleansing than the normal home face wash using over the counter cleaning products.

Deep Facial Cleansing generally involves the below procedures, customers’ face:

  • Will be steamed
  • Pores will be opened
  • Clogged pores will be extracted
  • White and black heads will be removed
  • Will be scrubbed

Plus, customers may also receive/undergo a:

  • Pore cleansing treatment
  • Herbal/healing mask application
  • Facial massage and more

What Is the Difference between a Deep Facial Cleansing Treatment and European Facial Treatment?

The deep cleansing facial is more suited for people with facial acne, or excessive facial oil secretion. The European facial treatment gives more importance to the exfoliation process; may/may not include a deep facial cleansing treatment.

Advantages of the Deep Facial Cleansing Treatment

Listed below are some of the advantages:

  • Reduces the size of facial pores
  • Smoothens the facial skin’s appearance
  • Relaxing

Disadvantages of the Deep Facial Cleansing Treatment

Listed below are some of the disadvantages:

  • Expensive
  • Time consuming approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the procedure
  • Need repeated treatment once in every few weeks
  • Might be allergic or too harsh on sensitive skin