Cosmetology-Board Exam Requirements

As we know, cosmetologists carry out various beauty services. You can successfully complete a two-year cosmetology associate's degree program, which are typically available at many vocational schools or community colleges. They teach aspiring cosmetologists how to style/cut hair and how to administer skin care treatments, perform manicures and pedicures and more.

Cosmetology Licensing Laws and Regulations

Cosmetology licensing laws and requirements differ state by state.

For example

In Alabama you need to have/be:

  • 1500 school hours
  • 3000 apprentice hours in 3 years
  • Pass the state’s licensing written and practical exams
  • At least 17 years old and must have successfully completed 10th grade education
  • Renew your license every 2 odd number years during your birth month, the renewal fee is $80

In Pennsylvania you need to have/be:

  • 1250 school hours
  • 2000 approved apprentice hours in 8 months
  • Pass the state’s theory and practical exams
  • At least 16 years old and must have successfully completed 10th grade education/equivalent
  • Renew your license every 2 years, in even or odd-numbered years, by Jan. 31 and the renewal fee is $67

Cosmetology Licensing - Renewal

Cosmetology licensing renewal requirements also differ state by state.

For example, you need to have:
Alabama: 8 CEUs (Cosmetology Continuing Education) for renewal
Pennsylvania: None

How to Transfer Your Current State License to Another State?

If you happen to move, it is possible to transfer your current state license to another state. However, you need to meet that state requirements as well. Often states follow a reciprocity/transfer method. You need to check with that state cosmetology board. You need to request your current state’s certification to be sent to the state you are planning to move.

For example:

Pennsylvania has cosmetology practitioner license reciprocity with the many of the other states. You are required to possess a current license and have 2 years of work experience from the original licensure dates. You need to pay approx $60 fee to transfer your license to Pennsylvania.

You need to submit your current certification from your current state with $100 fee.

Please note: You need to check all of the above details as they change time to time.