Automotive Technicians Jobs in Massachusetts

Automotive Technician Job Training in Massachusetts

Aspiring automobile students could complete their automotive training by successfully completing a certificate/diploma program or associate degree program offered by various accredited auto mechanic colleges, vocational schools, work commissions, etc in Massachusetts. Basic automotive training programs might just take six months to one year, but most associate programs may take two or more years to complete in MA. Automobile certificate/associate degree programs usually provide intensive career training via classroom coaching and hands-on training. Short-term certificate syllabus might just focus on a particular subject, such as engine maintenance, brake performance, etc.

Although most automobile Technicians may not require specialized individual licenses, it is advisable to check and find out about the current requirements.

Listed here are some of the interesting points relevant to the automotive industry employment seekers in Massachusetts:

  • According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, the state of Massachusetts has approximately (below numbers reflect annual economic activity during 2017):
    • 391 new car dealerships
    • 50,823 total jobs (created by automobile dealerships) which includes 24,327 direct jobs and 26,495 indirect and induced jobs
    • 62 employees per automobile dealership on the average
    • $21.3 billion automobile company related sales
    • 2.1% of total US new vehicle registration
    • Average age of vehicles is 10 years
  • According to
    • Projected employment for Automotive Body and Related Repairers is to be 4,320 by the year 2026 in MA.
    • The annual projected job openings for Automotive Body and Related Repairers is to be 420 in MA.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017:
    • The annual mean wage/pay for the Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics in Massachusetts was $45,470. However, the annual mean wage for the Automotive Body and Related Repairers was higher ($49,520) in Massachusetts. The highest annual mean wage reported was for the Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage ($68,530) in Massachusetts.