Pros and Cons of Being a Skincare Specialist

There are three types of Skincare Specialists:

  • • Estheticians
  • • Aestheticians
  • • Dermatologists

Here the focus is on Estheticians. A few of the pros/cons are listed below:


  • Relatively Fast Study Time: Approximately a year to complete a post-secondary (Cosmetology training in skincare) non-degree education
  • Many Choices: Many vocational schools and community colleges offer state-approved Esthetician programs
  • Job Outlook: The Bureau of Labor Statistics, projects a whopping 40% increase in skincare jobs between 2012-2022, and there were 38,290 Skincare Specialists in 2014
  • Relatively High Salary: The annual mean wage for Skincare Specialists was $33,810 in 2014
  • Fairly Good Satisfaction Rate: According to Payscale, the satisfaction rate given by the Skincare Specialists was four out of five stars
  • Female Friendly Career: 95% of females have chosen to be Skincare Specialists. Although more and more males are realizing the advantages of being a Skincare Specialist
  • Develop Rapport with Customers: As you will be interacting with many customers and spending lots of time chatting, it is a wonderful place to develop friendships
  • No Two Days Will Be Similar: You will be handling many different skincare procedures and handling different customers; your day will never be boring or repetitive
  • Nice Work Environment: Most spas, cosmetology centers, beauty clinics are neatly maintained, climate controlled, well decorated and stream pleasant music


  • Hazardous: You will be dealing with chemicals on a daily basis. Some of the chemicals are harmful and need appropriate protection. You need to use protective gears such as gloves, eyeglasses, etc.
  • Weekend and Evening Work Schedules: You might be expected to report to work on weekends and work till late evening hours
  • Quite Strenuous: You will be standing and moving most of the time