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Licensed Practical Nurse

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For many practical nursing students, the first clinical rotation is met with a mix of nerves and enthusiasm.

Beauty School

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Working as a makeup artist isn’t simply about understanding basic application techniques and color theory.


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When it comes to your overall job satisfaction as a diesel tech, your work environment is critically important.

Automotive Technician

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Technology keeps improving – and nowhere is that more apparent than in the automobile industry.


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Training for a welding career is to train for a career with almost endless possibilities.

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Studies indicate that employers face difficulties in filling job positions due to a shortage of diesel mechanic technicians, thereby making it an ideal time to earn certification in this high-demand field.

Automotive competitions at the high school level provide an excellent way to inspire students to continue their education, while working toward a future career in the industry.

As the majority of welders in the workforce rapidly approach retirement age, it's an ideal time to earn certification in this field, with job opportunities expected to greatly increase in the coming period.

A shortage of trained nurses is resulting in some hospitals offering financial incentives and mentoring opportunities in an effort to attract new employees who can fill the gaps.

Training to become a medical assistant is an excellent way to secure a future career, as the number of available positions in the United States is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years.

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Research & Third party data

Popular / Evolving Welding Processes

Welding processes are constantly evolving. Welders are in high demand across the USA and around the world. The highest reported salary, according to Payscale, was $79,849. Being up-to-date would certainly help in getting a great job.

Neonatal- RN

If you love babies, would like to take care of them exclusively, earn a good salary with good career growth prospects, then Neonatal-RN is the best job that you can have. According to Payscale, Neonatal RNs’ average median salary was $58,829.

HVAC – Career Advancement

Committed / hardworking HVAC Technicians can expect exciting professional paths with excellent job stability, great earning potential with no boundaries in terms of time and location. There are many career advancement options for HVAC Technicians.

Cosmetologist Job: Not Just for Women, Anymore

There have been thousands of male cosmetologists / hairdressers / beauticians. Some of them have become quite successful in their own world. They have even opened popular salons such as Vidal Sassoon, Fekkai, etc., across the world.

Benefits of Hybrid Automobiles

Hybrid automobiles / cars gain the best of both worlds. In order to capitalize this many automobile companies have started to manufacture hybrid cars. Therefore, it is going to be a bonanza for people who choose to study in this field.